Episode 25: Romance, Time Travel and Moms

podcast 26 October 2011 3 Comments

Hey, so remember that time when Liz’s mom got mad at us because we made fun of “City on the Edge of Forever”? Well, we promised you a follow-up and for once we delivered! In this VERY special episode of Timey Wimey TV, we invited romance author and supplier of genetic material Janet Miller to […]

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Episode 9: Star Trek Time Travel Death Match

podcast 22 June 2011 4 Comments

Today, friends, we go to the final frontier of time travel television! Yes, lest you guys think that Rudy and Liz are only capable of ranting about Doctor Who, today we’ve got a nice long discussion about the Star Trek franchise and its best timey-wimey moments. In this episode, we not only select our favorite […]

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