Episode 57: It’s A Wonderful Life and A Christmas Carol!

podcast 25 December 2012 0 Comments

Hey, it’s Christmastime! Which means the usual assortment of Doctor Who Christmas special news, not to mention Rudy’s final summation on the Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who comic crossover! And then, Liz and Rudy take a moment to reflect on two timey wimey staples of the holiday season: Specifically, the classic Christmas tales It’s […]

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Episode 54: Time Traveler’s Wife, Timecop and X-Men News!

podcast 29 November 2012 0 Comments

Huge episode! Full of stuff! First off, Liz and Rudy go over all the latest Doctor Who developments, specifically the reveal of the Christmas special trailer, title and prequel minisode. Exciting! Also exciting is some X-Men: Days of Future Past casting news! Plus a new project starring Daniel Radcliffe and Jon Hamm, and Rudy’s continued […]

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Episode 53: A Chat With Inspector Spacetime!

podcast 14 November 2012 0 Comments

We’re back, with a totally awesome episode filled with totally awesome things! You guys like hearing about upcoming movies and TV shows involving time travel? We got you covered! You like hearing Rudy explain to Liz how the Star Trek/Doctor Who comic book is going? That happens too! And this is not awesome, but still […]

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Episode 43: Doctor Who at Comic-Con, Netflix Time Travel Roulette

podcast 26 July 2012 2 Comments

Another exciting episode for you! First, Liz and Rudy catch up on the Doctor Who news they missed by not being at Comic-Con, including episode titles! And no airdate! Alas. Then, it’s time to delve into what’s going on with IDW’s epically fannish Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who crossover comic! Did a 4th Doctor […]

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Episode 42: Life On Mars Season 2, and Comics!

podcast 11 July 2012 0 Comments

A new episode! Hot damn! And just in time for your commute to San Diego (if you’re going to Comic-Con) or your sitting-at-home-not-going-to-Comic-Con relaxation time. Liz and Rudy are in the latter camp, which just leaves them more time to do things like read the latest installment in IDW’s epic Star Trek: TNG/Doctor Who crossover, […]

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Episode 9: Star Trek Time Travel Death Match

podcast 22 June 2011 4 Comments

Today, friends, we go to the final frontier of time travel television! Yes, lest you guys think that Rudy and Liz are only capable of ranting about Doctor Who, today we’ve got a nice long discussion about the Star Trek franchise and its best timey-wimey moments. In this episode, we not only select our favorite […]

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