Episode 50: Doctor Who‘s “The Angels Take Manhattan”

podcast 4 October 2012 6 Comments

Farewell, Ponds. We hardly knew ye. After your comments on episodes past and a quick round-up of time travel news (including the latest issues of the Star Trek/Doctor Who comic and this question from iO9: What historical mysteries might be solved with time travel?), we get right to the last Doctor Who adventure to feature […]

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Episode 23: Doctor Who‘s “The Wedding of River Song”! More Terra Nova Talk!

podcast 5 October 2011 1 Comment

It’s a very exciting, very engaging, very pterodactyl-filled episode of Timey Wimey TV! First, Liz and Rudy discuss “The Wedding of River Song,” the potentially controversial season six finale of Doctor Who. How awesome was that first twenty minutes or so? How huge a debt is owed to Douglas Adams? Is The Awl right about […]

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Episode 7: “A Good Man Goes to War”

podcast 8 June 2011 7 Comments

Big reveals this week, eh? Big reveals. In the world of Doctor Who, that is, not in the podcast we’re posting today — unless, of course, you count what Liz and Rudy think of “A Good Man Goes to War,” including River Song’s secret past. We were going to try and talk about other stuff, […]

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