Episode 72: Doctor Who‘s “Nightmare in Silver,” and Other News!

podcast 15 May 2013 1 Comment

Hey cats and kittens! Only ONE MORE EPISODE LEFT THIS SEASON! Of Doctor Who, that is. Timey Wimey TV, it would never abandon you (for more than one or two weeks at a time). But before we get to Who, we catch up on some other stuff — like the upcoming Fox pilot Sleepy Hollow, […]

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Episode 70: Doctor Who‘s “Hide”!

podcast 24 April 2013 0 Comments

Hey, friends, ready for a new episode? I bet you are! This week, Liz and Rudy start off by speculating over episode name news — especially when it comes to the season finale, which is all sorts of exciting. Plus, Liz read The Angel’s Kiss, and Rudy watched clips from what technically counts as Doctor […]

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Episode 66: Who News, Neverwhere, and MARCH MADNESS FINAL VOTING TIME!

podcast 30 March 2013 1 Comment

Hey, it’s New Doctor Who Eve! Last new podcast before the triumphant (fingers crossed) return of our favorite time travel adventure show. And what have we got in store for you today? Well, the BBC Radio 4 adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere has landed, and it’s so far pretty solid! You can gaze in awe […]

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Episode 4: “The Doctor’s Wife”

podcast 18 May 2011 6 Comments

We’ve been doing this a month now, so why not spice things up with a guest commenter? Megan Westerby, well-versed in all things Who, joins Liz and Rudy this week to discuss the Doctor Who episode “The Doctor’s Wife.” And what an episode! Did Liz actually end up liking it, despite concerns about Neil Gaiman’s […]

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Episode 3: “Curse of the Black Spot”

podcast 11 May 2011 8 Comments

Our third episode! Hooray! And this time, with pirates! This week, Liz and Rudy debate whether Doctor Who‘s “Curse of the Black Spot” is truly a filler episode and look forward to next week’s Neil Gaiman-written installment. There’s also some discussion regarding the recent controversy that Doctor Who has gotten too scary and complicated for […]

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