Episode 50: Doctor Who‘s “The Angels Take Manhattan”

podcast 4 October 2012 6 Comments

Farewell, Ponds. We hardly knew ye. After your comments on episodes past and a quick round-up of time travel news (including the latest issues of the Star Trek/Doctor Who comic and this question from iO9: What historical mysteries might be solved with time travel?), we get right to the last Doctor Who adventure to feature […]

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Episode 41: Safety Not Guaranteed, Bruce Willis, David Tennant!

podcast 25 June 2012 6 Comments

A new episode, can you believe it? I bet you can’t! And this time, we check out a whole bunch of stuff, including the upcoming timey-wimey rom-com by a pro at both the timey-wimey and rom-com genres, David Tennant’s upcoming projects, the most important bathrobe you’ll ever own, and the most important website you’ll ever […]

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Episode 37: Timey Wimey TV Turns 1!

podcast 26 April 2012 0 Comments

It’s a very special episode, guys! Lucky episode 37! Most importantly, it’s the one-year anniversary of us doing this humble podcast! So not only do we discuss: The trailer for Looper Doctor Whooves: Fanon turned canon! A real life sonic screwdriver! An art show! And yet another TV pilot we’ve got our hopes up for. […]

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