Episode 50: Doctor Who‘s “The Angels Take Manhattan”

podcast 4 October 2012 6 Comments

Farewell, Ponds. We hardly knew ye. After your comments on episodes past and a quick round-up of time travel news (including the latest issues of the Star Trek/Doctor Who comic and this question from iO9: What historical mysteries might be solved with time travel?), we get right to the last Doctor Who adventure to feature […]

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Episode 49: Doctor Who‘s “The Power of Three”

podcast 24 September 2012 4 Comments

New episode! Small inanimate cubes! The penultimate Ponds episode! Good times all around. This week, after marveling at the possibility of Peter Jackson perhaps directing an episode (after Matt Smith asked nice), and a long digression on whether or not Big Bang Theory is offensive to nerd culture, Liz and Rudy take on a more […]

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Episode 46: Doctor Who‘s “Asylum of the Daleks”!

podcast 5 September 2012 4 Comments

Doctor Who is back! Huzzah! And we’re back to weekly episodes, because Doctor Who is back! In this episode, Liz and Rudy first catch up on the latest issues of the epic Star Trek: TNG/Doctor Who comic book crossover, which has taken some weird turns in issue 4. For the better or for the worse? […]

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Episode 20: Doctor Who‘s “The Girl Who Waited,” Torchwood: Miracle Day Season Finale!

podcast 14 September 2011 8 Comments

WAIT, WE’VE MADE 20 EPISODES OF THIS PODCAST? Crazy. So much time travel television! After kicking things off with a bit of 80s time travel nostalgia (holla, Out of This World fans!), Liz and Rudy discuss the newest Doctor Who installment. Did it break their hearts or leave them cold? That is an excellent question! […]

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Episode I: “The Impossible Astronaut”

podcast 26 April 2011 5 Comments

Episode I: “The Impossible Astronaut”

This is not a picture of anyone involved with the creation of this podcast! This is a picture of the current cast of Doctor Who. This first installment of Timey Wimey TV, though, does discuss their latest adventure through time and space, “The Impossible Astronaut,” with the occasional digression, side note, criticism and moment of […]

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