Episode 53: A Chat With Inspector Spacetime!

podcast 14 November 2012 0 Comments

We’re back, with a totally awesome episode filled with totally awesome things! You guys like hearing about upcoming movies and TV shows involving time travel? We got you covered! You like hearing Rudy explain to Liz how the Star Trek/Doctor Who comic book is going? That happens too! And this is not awesome, but still […]

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Episode 48: Doctor Who‘s “A Town Called Mercy”

podcast 17 September 2012 3 Comments

It is very very hot in Los Angeles right now! But we dared to turn off the air conditioning for an hour, because huzzah, new Doctor Who! Well, first we’ve got a quick shout-out of congrats for Emmy-winning Jay Bushman! Then we go through your comments on “Dinosaurs on a Spaceship,” and also discuss The […]

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Ep. 39: Our First Hangout!

podcast 23 May 2012 0 Comments

While we work on getting the audio of this converted, here for your viewing pleasure is Timey Wimey TV, live via Google+! Liz and (a tardy) Rudy are joined by the lovely Casey McKinnon, brilliant Megan Westerby and beloved curmudgeon Jay Bushman to discuss the fundamental nature of what time travel is, as well as […]

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Episode 37: Timey Wimey TV Turns 1!

podcast 26 April 2012 0 Comments

It’s a very special episode, guys! Lucky episode 37! Most importantly, it’s the one-year anniversary of us doing this humble podcast! So not only do we discuss: The trailer for Looper Doctor Whooves: Fanon turned canon! A real life sonic screwdriver! An art show! And yet another TV pilot we’ve got our hopes up for. […]

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Episode 35: Doctor Who‘s New Girl

podcast 28 March 2012 4 Comments

Timey Wimey TV is BACK, with all the hot time travel news you’ve been talking about in our absence! First off, we look at the upcoming independent film Sound of My Voice, which takes your standard investigative-journalist-couple-gets-in-over-their-heads-while-investigating-cult story and adds a timey-wimey twist (or does it? We don’t know!). Then, we look over the current […]

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Episode 34: Life on Mars and the Latest Time Travel News!

podcast 8 March 2012 0 Comments

Boy howdy, another fun episode for you! First, we catch up on a month’s worth of time travel gossip, including: The copyright adventures of Inspector Spacetime! (AKA “A space traveler who can also travel through time.”) Touchback, a movie about football and time travel! B to the F, an awesome new blog by the creator […]

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Episode 27: Stephen King Does Time Travel and a Doctor Who Movie?

podcast 23 November 2011 2 Comments

Hey, new episode time! First things first: Doctor Who! Our friend the Doctor not only starred in a quick scene for Children in Need, but is going to be reappearing for Christmas — and maybe in feature film? Our enthusiasm for each thing varies wildly! And Liz and Rudy also touch on the precarious position […]

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Episode 22: Doctor Who‘s “Closing Time,” Terra Nova, Inspector Spacetime and MORE!

podcast 28 September 2011 7 Comments

Huge show this week! Huge! Not only do Liz and Rudy cover the penultimate episode of Doctor Who season 6, “Closing Time,” but a lot of other stuff happens! For one thing, there was news about the premiere of Who season 7! And Liz asked Warren Ellis what he would do with Doctor Who, and […]

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