Episode 84: The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Spectacular!

podcast 25 November 2013 0 Comments

You guys, can you BELIEVE IT? It finally happened! “The Day of the Doctor”! David Tennant! John Hurt! Billie Piper! And so much other stuff! This episode, we sit down with EVERYTHING Doctor Who. EVERYTHING. Neil Gaiman’s 11th Doctor novella Nothing O’Clock! The surprising prequel episode “The Night of the Doctor”! The SUPER-DELIGHTFUL Peter Davison-written/directed […]

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Episode 80: More of the 3rd Doctor, We Meet the 4th, and Sure, Some Sleepy Hollow!

podcast 11 October 2013 0 Comments

Hey, big episode for you — because there’s lot of exciting stuff happening in the time travel ‘verse! First up: We check in on the latest projects from David Tennant (Broadchurch!) and Christopher Eccleston (NO DON’T BE MEAN TO THOR CHRISTOPHER ECCLESTON!). Then, we can’t help but chat about our current favorite Monday Fox time […]

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Episode 67: Doctor Who‘s “The Bells of St. John”!

podcast 6 April 2013 0 Comments

Welcome back, new episodes of Doctor Who! Oh, how we missed you. Well, first Liz and Rudy have SERIOUS BUSINESS to discuss: Specifically, the confirmation that appearing in the 50th Anniversary Special alongside special guest star John Hurt will be none other than David Tennant and Billie Piper! Yay for that, right? Right! Though Liz […]

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Episode 59: Doctor Who‘s “The Doctor’s Daughter” Live Audio Commentary, and Other News!

podcast 20 January 2013 0 Comments

Hello! First up today, we’ve got bunches of exciting time travel news for you, including the latest Doctor Who 50th Anniversary gossip, an upcoming Brett Ratner project that we don’t at all actively dread, no sirree, and the hottest trend in Korean television. But then, it’s time for us to try a fun experiment in […]

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Episode 41: Safety Not Guaranteed, Bruce Willis, David Tennant!

podcast 25 June 2012 6 Comments

A new episode, can you believe it? I bet you can’t! And this time, we check out a whole bunch of stuff, including the upcoming timey-wimey rom-com by a pro at both the timey-wimey and rom-com genres, David Tennant’s upcoming projects, the most important bathrobe you’ll ever own, and the most important website you’ll ever […]

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Episode 38: Fringe, David Tennant, and Important Time Travel Questions!

podcast 9 May 2012 0 Comments

This week’s episode takes on a number of subjects — Fringe getting renewed for one last season, David Tennant being considered for the next Fast and the Furious movie, yet more footage from Men In Black 3 and a funny story about a lawyer who says he’s a time traveler. But it’s best summed up […]

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