Episode 62: Doctor Who News Funtime Go!

podcast 28 February 2013 0 Comments

We’re not holding our breath in the lead-up to the return of Doctor Who — instead, we’re dealing with an epic level of news! And not just stuff like the fact that Jon Pertwee, the 3rd Doctor, WAS TOTALLY A SPY DURING WORLD WAR II, but all the gossip leading up to the 50th Anniversary […]

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Episode 60: The Great Continuum Debate (Part 1)!

podcast 30 January 2013 1 Comment

Hey, all, fun episode for you this time! First up, we continue to spin the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary rumor mill, specifically the latest reports that Moffat’s written a script for all 11 Doctors. Might be hooey, but might be exciting! Someday, we might actually know for sure what’s really in store for us this […]

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