Episode 81: TV Time Travel Development Drama, and the 5th Doctor!

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Hey, sports time travel fans, huge show this week! So huge we’re just going to use bullet points to cover everything we covered:

Oh, and of course we get into Doctor Who! Because not only was a teaser trailer released, but they announced both UK AND US theatrical dates for “The Day of the Doctor”! Will the promise of 3D lure Liz and Rudy out of their homes to watch?

Plus, Liz watched the 5th Doctor adventure “The Caves of Androzani” and Rudy read the latest Puffin 50th Anniversary novels for the 9th and 10th Doctors! Which were worth checking out? And what do they plan to watch for the 6th and 7th Doctors? Find out!

Or tell us what you think! We’re on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google Plus or email! And as always, we thank you for listening.

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Episode 80: More of the 3rd Doctor, We Meet the 4th, and Sure, Some Sleepy Hollow!

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Hey, big episode for you — because there’s lot of exciting stuff happening in the time travel ‘verse! First up: We check in on the latest projects from David Tennant (Broadchurch!) and Christopher Eccleston (NO DON’T BE MEAN TO THOR CHRISTOPHER ECCLESTON!).

Then, we can’t help but chat about our current favorite Monday Fox time travel-related drama, Sleepy Hollow! How is the freshman series holding up post its crazypants pilot? Will Liz and Rudy continue to watch? How great were the post-its in Episode 2? So great, is the answer to that last one!

After that, it’s time for the continuation of our classic Doctor Who-straganza! Liz and Rudy dig into the Pertwee adventure “The Green Door,” then begin dipping into the Tom Baker years with “City of Death” and (a bit of) “Genesis of the Daleks”!

Plus, Rudy’s catching up on the new Puffin novellas that the BBC has been releasing all year long — what’d he think of the 8th Doctor adventure Spore? And who’s set to write the 9th and 10th Doctor adventures?

All this and more! It’s a jam-packed episode, and we hope you enjoy it. Tell us if you did via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google Plus or email! And as always thanks for listening.

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Episode 79: Meet the Third Doctor, and Sleepy Hollow Premieres!

blog,podcast 26 September 2013 5 Comments



Hello! Liz and Rudy are back to catch up on the latest Doctor Who news, such as the 50th Anniversary poster (pretty!) and the day-of schedule for November 23, 2013 (shiny!).

Then, we become acquainted with Jon Pertwee’s spin on the madman in a blue box! Did Liz and Rudy enjoy his introduction in Spearhead from Space? How have things improved since the Second Doctor’s era? And were they inspired to check out more adventures from the Third Doctor? Find out!

Plus, Liz and Rudy sit down to watch their most anticipated pilot of 2013, Sleepy Hollow! Did it live up to the promise of its crazypants trailer? Did it make ANY sense whatsoever? Was it enjoyable anyway? Oh, believe you me, we get into it.

We’re plowing forward with Classic Who and other adventures — what’s got your time travel engines fired up? Tell us via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google Plus or email! And as always, thanks for listening.

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Episode 78: Doctor Who‘s “The Mind Robber,” and Christopher Eccleston is a Horrible Tease

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Hey, did you guys hear that more than one person has played the Doctor? We’re exploring this theory this week on Timey Wimey TV! 

First, there’s some news about Christopher Eccleston being very specific about coming back for an anniversary special — but which anniversary? (Short version: He’s a cheeky one, eh?) 

Then there’s an update about the role being played by John Hurt in the upcoming 50th anniversary special — or, rather, a hint courtesy of the IDW comics.  

On a non-Doctor Who related tangent, Rudy and Liz have made purchases recently — specifically, Liz is reading Life After Life, an interesting exploration of alternate realities, while Rudy is playing with Back to the Future Lego!

Screen Shot 2013-09-02 at 10.45.43 AM

Finally, we continue delving into the world of Classic Who with Patrick Troughton in The Mind Robber! How much did the show improve in quality over the first 1963 episode? What qualities does Troughton bring to the role? And how annoying does Rudy find companion Jamie McCrimmon? 

Find out, then tell us what you think! As always, we’re on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google Plus or email!  Next time: The 3rd Doctor, plus whatever other treats the time travel ‘verse might have in store! 

Episode 77: Peter Capaldi’s the 12th Doctor! (Or the 13th?) Plus, Classic Who Watch Begins!

podcast 15 August 2013 0 Comments



Big episode! First, Who fans took over the internet last week when actor-Liz-and-Rudy-really-like Peter Capaldi was, with much fanfare, announced as the next Doctor — though his placement in the order of Who-dom is a little weird! What does that mean? Liz and Rudy get into it.

Also, we discuss About Time‘s latest trailer, which is more and more looking like a must-see for us and any time travel fan.

And finally, Liz and Rudy begin their exploration of Doctor Who‘s long, long history by watching the very first part of the very first episode, the 1963 premiere “An Unearthly Child.” What’d they think of the first Doctor’s introduction to the world? How hard was it to watch 1960s TV production value? All this and more revealed!

Next time, we’ll dig into a second Doctor adventure to be determined! Have any insight into what we should check out? (Spoiler alert: Thanks to Netflix Instant, it’s probably going to be “The Mind Robbers.”) But tell us what YOU think via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google Plus or email!

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Episode 76: Somewhere In Time! And So Much News!

podcast 1 August 2013 0 Comments



Hey, guys! Summer vacation for us is now officially OVER! And we’re back with a bunch of the hottest news from the future! (That might not make sense, but just go with it.)

Topics we cover today:

And that’s just the NON-Doctor Who news! We also go over news from Comic-Con, including Steven Moffat’s promise that all Matt Smith mysteries will be cleared up by the end of his run and the 50th Anniversary special will be globally simulcast.

Also, we MIGHT be a little upset by how Comic-Con got to see the 50th Anniversary trailer and we didn’t. Just a bit.

Then, we wrap things up by taking a minute to discuss the classic Christopher Reeve film Somewhere in Time, which we have been meaning to watch FOREVER. Did we come to regret that decision? Find out!

And let us know what you think via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google Plus or email!

We’ll be back in two weeks with the beginning of our Classic Who coverage — get ready to meet “An Unearthly Child”!

Episode 75: Goodbye, Matt Smith, and other Doctor Who news!

podcast 3 July 2013 2 Comments

DW11O (1)


Hello! It’s been too long! We’ve missed you guys. Hopefully, you’ve missed us?

Today, we’ve got a whole bunch of news to catch up on, including some industrious fans who are Kickstarting an effort to send a TARDIS into space, and a very funny automated Javascript program which Moffat might sub in for his own current story development process.

Also, Liz and Rudy have both been catching up on their reading! Rudy continues digging into the monthly classic Who novellas, and Liz is plowing through the first of the Outlander books, which Ronald D. Moore is currently adapting as a TV show for Starz.

Oh, and speaking of TV development news — the 9th Doctor got a new job! What odds do we put on Christopher Eccleston sticking around for a second season of HBO’s The Leftovers? Find out!

Finally, it’s the main event: Matt Smith has officially announced that he’s leaving Doctor Who at the end of the year. Is this way overdue or too premature? Who does Rudy think will succeed him? Why does this announcement make Liz feel like the Dowager Countess? The only way to learn is to listen.

And then tell us what you think via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google Plus or email! As always, love to hear your thoughts, and thanks so much for listening!

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Episode 74: Doctor Who Season 7 Round Table!

podcast 31 May 2013 0 Comments

Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 7.35.17 PM


It’s the end of another season of Doctor Who, which means the semi-traditional, semi-annual end-of-season round table episode!

This week, Liz and Rudy are joined by special guests Casey, Barrett, Beth and Jay, who share their favorite and least favorite episodes of the season, debate the relative merits of Clara and play a very special game!

It’s a whole ton of fun, so enjoy! And then tell us what you think via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google Plus or email! Should be a fun summer!

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Episode 73: Doctor Who‘s “The Name of the Doctor”!

podcast 23 May 2013 0 Comments

Doctor Who - Series 7B


Hellllooooooooo season finale! It’s time for Doctor Who to abandon us for six months, but before it does, you better believe we’re gonna talk about it!

Well, first we deal with some speculation about who might have been the new Doctor, and relay the news that Moffat and co. have officially re-upped for Season 8 (2014, y’all!).

But then it’s all about the Whisper Men and the Victorian Scooby Gang (we finally came up with a name for them!) and telepathic computer ghosts! Did Liz and Rudy enjoy the finale? Did they have a crapton of issues with it? Damn right!

Oh, and one of us lost a bet. That person might be the person writing this post, and that person might be very begrudging about it. But we won’t get into that.

We WILL look forward to what you guys have to say, via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google Plus or email! And get excited with us as we start looking forward to a summer of classic Who and other time travel fun!

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Episode 72: Doctor Who‘s “Nightmare in Silver,” and Other News!

podcast 15 May 2013 1 Comment



Hey cats and kittens! Only ONE MORE EPISODE LEFT THIS SEASON! Of Doctor Who, that is. Timey Wimey TV, it would never abandon you (for more than one or two weeks at a time).

But before we get to Who, we catch up on some other stuff — like the upcoming Fox pilot Sleepy Hollow, which looks AMAZING…ly bad. (You better believe we’ll be watching it come fall.)

And it looks like the Richard Curtis film About Time is actually a real movie that will be in theaters! But don’t watch the U.S. trailer, because it has a massive plot spoiler in it! Watch the UK one!

Finally, it’s time for Doctor Who — first, we catch up on news about things like audiobooks and the accidental leak of the season finale! NOTE: The discussion gets very slightly spoiler-y, but it’s all theory based on one shot in the “next time on” segment and if you skip from timecode 19:20 to 23:00, you’ll avoid it.

Then, we take on “Nightmare in Silver”! How psyched were we to see Warwick Davis? What’s scarier, an army of Cybermen or one Cyber-Doctor? How annoying, exactly, were those kids? Find out what Rudy and Liz think, then also find out what you think!

Because we asked you for your thoughts, and we’d love to hear them again via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google Plus or via email and share your thoughts! (You could even comment on this very post, were you so inclined!) And as always, thanks for listening. We even threw in a big fat Archer reference this week! Because we love you.

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