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Episode 92: Doctor Who‘s “Dark Water” Like WHAAA? (And Also There Was An Episode With Trees)

blog,podcast 6 November 2014 0 Comments

Oh, man! I mean, that last episode of “Doctor Who,” right? RIGHT? RIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT??? That was basically Liz and Rudy’s reaction to “Dark Water,” except a little more verbose. (They also do talk about the episode prior, “In the Night of the Forest,” but what’s more exciting — Cybermen or trees? You know the answer.) Like […]

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Episode 89: Thanks to Doctor Who, We Meet “Robot of Sherwood” and Learn to “Listen”!

blog,podcast 19 September 2014 1 Comment

Hey friends! CHECK IT. This week, which includes a check-in on the final compilations of the Doctor Who novellas, Liz and Rudy catch up on the last two episodes of Doctor Who! What did they enjoy about Robin Hood’s modern-ish adventures? What did they think of Clara’s involvement? Were both Liz and Rudy given opportunity […]

Ep. 87: Take a “Deep Breath,” Doctor Who Brought Us Back!

blog,podcast 29 August 2014 0 Comments

Did you miss us? We missed you! And we also missed Doctor Who! Which is why Liz and Rudy have returned to this humble podcast to evaluate our new Doctor and his latest adventure! In today’s episode (please excuse a few seconds of static), explaining where they’ve been and catching up on some basic news […]

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Episode 82: The 6th and 7th Doctors, Plus Special Guest Alan Kistler!

blog 11 November 2013 2 Comments

Folks, this is the episode that will make you realize that Liz and Rudy? They don’t know nearly as much about Doctor Who as you might think. That’s because they’re joined by a VERY special guest, Alan Kistler, who is a totally legit Who scholar! Alan literally wrote the book on Doctor Who‘s complex 50-year […]

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Episode 79: Meet the Third Doctor, and Sleepy Hollow Premieres!

blog,podcast 26 September 2013 5 Comments

Hello! Liz and Rudy are back to catch up on the latest Doctor Who news, such as the 50th Anniversary poster (pretty!) and the day-of schedule for November 23, 2013 (shiny!). Then, we become acquainted with Jon Pertwee’s spin on the madman in a blue box! Did Liz and Rudy enjoy his introduction in Spearhead […]

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Timey Wimey TV — in the future!

blog 6 November 2011 0 Comments

Apologies for how overdue this post is, but this, humble readers/listeners, is your official notification that Timey Wimey TV will be switching to a bi-weekly schedule for the foreseeable future (i.e. — “until a show we want to cover on a weekly basis starts airing”). But don’t feel like this about it! Feel like this […]

We must sadly apologize…

blog 19 October 2011 2 Comments

…as due to work and life doing the things they do, we do not have a new episode of Timey Wimey TV for you this week. How sorry are we? This is how sorry: We WILL have a new episode for you NEXT WEEK, though, and will continue covering Timey Wimey-related issues up until our […]

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Many apologies…

blog 29 June 2011 3 Comments

…But due to illness/work/life/holiday schedules, Liz and Rudy weren’t able to record a new podcast this week. They are very sorry about this! Very sad and sorry indeed. However, we will be back NEXT week, and we will have a grand old time watching the Doctor Who that, in the words of Russell T. Davies […]

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Torchwood: Miracle Day Trailer OMG WOW

blog 24 May 2011 0 Comments

AKA “What Liz And Rudy Will Probably Gab About During Doctor Who‘s Summer Vacation.” Initially, I had some reservations about the idea of Torchwood going American, but this stands to be INCREDIBLE. (And not just because of Gwen Cooper vs. helicopter. But yeah.)

Crossing the Pond – The Today Show visits Doctor Who

blog 21 May 2011 0 Comments

This has been floating around for a while but Doctor Who’s own British Invasion of America continued with Meredith Vieira of the “Today Show” visiting the set and making a cameo appearance on our favorite show. The beginning of the piece is actually excellent, and includes a pretty decent summary of Doctor Who to bring […]