Episode 91: It’s A Four Episode “Doctor Who” Mega-Catchup!

podcast 24 October 2014 0 Comments


Friends, we owe you an apology. For WEEKS now, “Doctor Who” has been airing, and we have not been telling you what we think of it! We’re the worst! But hopefully, this makes up for that?

That’s right, Liz and Rudy are CATCHING UP on the last FOUR episodes of their favorite time-and-space-traveling adventure. How hot was that backflip in “The Caretaker”? Did “Kill the Moon” captivate? Were we transported by “Mummy on the Orient Express”? Was “Flatline” a buzzkill? Seriously, how hot was that backflip in “The Caretaker”?

We’re here to tell you all of that, share your recent comments, and ask for more! Seriously, tell us what you think via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google Plus or email! Because we love you. Almost as much as we love backflips.

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