Episode 90: Did Doctor Who‘s “Time Heist” Steal Our Hearts?

podcast 28 September 2014 0 Comments


Hey friends! New episode! After Liz and Rudy give a quick rundown on their weeks, they get to the things that matter: Specifically, the state of Scottish independence, the return of Sleepy Hollow, Liz’s new Twitter account and things getting sexy on Outlander!

Then we get to the things that REALLY REALLY matter — such as Doctor Who! Were Liz and Rudy enthralled by the caper action of “Time Heist”? How cute were Keeley Hawes’s glasses? Was the episode in the long run worth our time? Find out!

And then find out what you thought! (Or, you know, what we thought about what you thought!) This show lives or dies on your comments, so help us stay alive via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google Plus or email! Thank you for commenting, and thank you, on an equal level, for listening.

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