Episode 89: Thanks to Doctor Who, We Meet “Robot of Sherwood” and Learn to “Listen”!

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Hey friends! CHECK IT. This week, which includes a check-in on the final compilations of the Doctor Who novellas, Liz and Rudy catch up on the last two episodes of Doctor Who! What did they enjoy about Robin Hood’s modern-ish adventures? What did they think of Clara’s involvement? Were both Liz and Rudy given opportunity to attempt Alan Rickman impressions? The answer to that last question is yes, but you KNOW you wanna know the answer!

And also, we talk about “Listen” — because, man, geez. We have thoughts about “Listen.” Everyone does. Everyone should. It’s too interesting not to talk about! As you did, via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google Plus or email. Keep it up, please and thank you! It keeps us from doing things like traveling into your past and scarring you for life. Not that we would ever do that…

One Response on “Episode 89: Thanks to Doctor Who, We Meet “Robot of Sherwood” and Learn to “Listen”!”

  1. Hubert says:

    Hello. Groonk here.

    Robot of Sherwood: meh. I am so tired of the Robin Hood mythos. Just done with it. Although I did like the exchange between Robin and The Doctor in the end about how heroes of legend are born. Pity there wasn’t more of that in the episode.

    Listen: gives me hope of where this new Doctor is going. It’s the first time I’ve clicked with Capaldi as 12.

    BTW I’ve been nursing a theory. Since Tennant & Smith Doctors now acknowledge the War Doctor as existing…that would technically change the number order…which makes Capaldi the 13th Doctor. The one that goes bad and tries to screw over the 6th(?) Doctor. Capaldi did disappear on Clara for 2 months. What could he have been up to?

    This season seems to be about does the Doctor think he’s a hero or a good man? I’m wondering if we’re watching The Doctor mentally struggle against becoming the Valeyard.

    Anyway. I’m probably reaching. Glad to have you guys back on the air!

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