Episode 88: “Doctor Who” Continues With “Into the Dalek”

podcast 10 September 2014 1 Comment


LIZ AND RUDY ARE STILL TALKING ABOUT “DOCTOR WHO”! Specifically, the latest episode, “Into the Dalek”! How did Liz and Rudy summarize the episode? (It might be our shortest summary ever!) How did they like it? How did YOU like it? What did you think about what SPECIAL SURPRISE GUEST STAR Casey McKinnon thinks?!? LET US KNOW!

Seriously, that’s all we care about, as we prepare to catch up with last week’s episode and check in on this week’s episode, “Listen”! So, tell us! We are on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google Plus or email! And we very much appreciate you listening and telling us what you think. So. MAKE IT SO! You are Captain Picard. And we are your humble crew.

One Response on “Episode 88: “Doctor Who” Continues With “Into the Dalek””

  1. Frank Carver says:

    Another fun podcast, glad you two (plus Casey, of course) are back in the saddle.

    One of the things that I liked about this episode is that it is blatantly post-50th. Presumably it’s OK to assume now that viewers are at least aware of the pre-2005 series, so it’s also OK to reference it.

    The setup with Clara and Danny is (presumably?) heading toward a First Doctor homage with Capaldi travelling with two teachers from Coal Hill School. All he needs now is a granddaughter – could that be another option for who Missy is? (a regenerated?) Susan?

    I side with Rudy on the oddities of scale inside the Dalek (and, tangentially, the classic but hilarious “climb up the floor” effects).

    Could we perhaps hypothesise that this is how Dalek cases are constructed – they are either built large and then miniaturised to fit around the Mutant occupant, or built regular sized by miniaturised workers?

    Looking forward to your coverage of Robin Hood next time!

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