Episode 84: The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Spectacular!

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You guys, can you BELIEVE IT? It finally happened! “The Day of the Doctor”! David Tennant! John Hurt! Billie Piper! And so much other stuff!

This episode, we sit down with EVERYTHING Doctor Who. EVERYTHING. Neil Gaiman’s 11th Doctor novella Nothing O’Clock! The surprising prequel episode “The Night of the Doctor”! The SUPER-DELIGHTFUL Peter Davison-written/directed cameo fest “The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot”! Google’s 8-bit tribute to the show’s anniversary!

And that’s all before we get to the actual damn episode! Did “The Day of the Doctor” thrill Liz and Rudy with its mix of classic Who references and new Who adventure? Did its depiction of the Time War satisfy? How great was it to see (most of) our old friends again?

Oh, and what did you guys think? Tell us Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google Plus or email! And thanks for listening. Happy Who Day!

Note: You’re not bad at counting, we had some technical issues with Episode 83, and the 50th Anniversary comes… Well, only once. Expect our discussion of time travel movies like “About Time” and “Free Birds” soon!

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