Episode 82: The 6th and 7th Doctors, Plus Special Guest Alan Kistler!

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Folks, this is the episode that will make you realize that Liz and Rudy? They don’t know nearly as much about Doctor Who as you might think. That’s because they’re joined by a VERY special guest, Alan Kistler, who is a totally legit Who scholar!

Alan literally wrote the book on Doctor Who‘s complex 50-year history, and he totally schools us all on some FASCINATING facts about the show’s development and production. (You will not BELIEVE some of the stuff he reveals about the many attempts to bring the Doctor to the U.S.)

Along the way, Liz and Rudy basically finish up their quest through the classic Doctors, having dug into Colin Baker’s weirdly ahead-of-its-time “The Caves of Androzani” and Sylvester McCoy’s charming relationship with Ace in “The Curse of Fenric.” That’s right, they’re ready for the 50th Anniversary Special! (Maybe not emotionally, but in all other ways.)

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  1. Jason Howell says:

    Hey guys! I listened to this episode earlier this week and I wanted to say how great I thought it was. Alan spoke so eloquently about the history of Doctor Who, and you can feel the passion he has for the show (neigh, the franchise!) and his work in general! Super informative episode!

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