Episode 78: Doctor Who‘s “The Mind Robber,” and Christopher Eccleston is a Horrible Tease

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Hey, did you guys hear that more than one person has played the Doctor? We’re exploring this theory this week on Timey Wimey TV! 

First, there’s some news about Christopher Eccleston being very specific about coming back for an anniversary special — but which anniversary? (Short version: He’s a cheeky one, eh?) 

Then there’s an update about the role being played by John Hurt in the upcoming 50th anniversary special — or, rather, a hint courtesy of the IDW comics.  

On a non-Doctor Who related tangent, Rudy and Liz have made purchases recently — specifically, Liz is reading Life After Life, an interesting exploration of alternate realities, while Rudy is playing with Back to the Future Lego!

Screen Shot 2013-09-02 at 10.45.43 AM

Finally, we continue delving into the world of Classic Who with Patrick Troughton in The Mind Robber! How much did the show improve in quality over the first 1963 episode? What qualities does Troughton bring to the role? And how annoying does Rudy find companion Jamie McCrimmon? 

Find out, then tell us what you think! As always, we’re on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google Plus or email!  Next time: The 3rd Doctor, plus whatever other treats the time travel ‘verse might have in store! 

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