Episode 77: Peter Capaldi’s the 12th Doctor! (Or the 13th?) Plus, Classic Who Watch Begins!

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Big episode! First, Who fans took over the internet last week when actor-Liz-and-Rudy-really-like Peter Capaldi was, with much fanfare, announced as the next Doctor — though his placement in the order of Who-dom is a little weird! What does that mean? Liz and Rudy get into it.

Also, we discuss About Time‘s latest trailer, which is more and more looking like a must-see for us and any time travel fan.

And finally, Liz and Rudy begin their exploration of Doctor Who‘s long, long history by watching the very first part of the very first episode, the 1963 premiere “An Unearthly Child.” What’d they think of the first Doctor’s introduction to the world? How hard was it to watch 1960s TV production value? All this and more revealed!

Next time, we’ll dig into a second Doctor adventure to be determined! Have any insight into what we should check out? (Spoiler alert: Thanks to Netflix Instant, it’s probably going to be “The Mind Robbers.”) But tell us what YOU think via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google Plus or email!

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