Episode 76: Somewhere In Time! And So Much News!

podcast 1 August 2013 0 Comments



Hey, guys! Summer vacation for us is now officially OVER! And we’re back with a bunch of the hottest news from the future! (That might not make sense, but just go with it.)

Topics we cover today:

And that’s just the NON-Doctor Who news! We also go over news from Comic-Con, including Steven Moffat’s promise that all Matt Smith mysteries will be cleared up by the end of his run and the 50th Anniversary special will be globally simulcast.

Also, we MIGHT be a little upset by how Comic-Con got to see the 50th Anniversary trailer and we didn’t. Just a bit.

Then, we wrap things up by taking a minute to discuss the classic Christopher Reeve film Somewhere in Time, which we have been meaning to watch FOREVER. Did we come to regret that decision? Find out!

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We’ll be back in two weeks with the beginning of our Classic Who coverage — get ready to meet “An Unearthly Child”!

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