Episode 75: Goodbye, Matt Smith, and other Doctor Who news!

podcast 3 July 2013 2 Comments

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Hello! It’s been too long! We’ve missed you guys. Hopefully, you’ve missed us?

Today, we’ve got a whole bunch of news to catch up on, including some industrious fans who are Kickstarting an effort to send a TARDIS into space, and a very funny automated Javascript program which Moffat might sub in for his own current story development process.

Also, Liz and Rudy have both been catching up on their reading! Rudy continues digging into the monthly classic Who novellas, and Liz is plowing through the first of the Outlander books, which Ronald D. Moore is currently adapting as a TV show for Starz.

Oh, and speaking of TV development news — the 9th Doctor got a new job! What odds do we put on Christopher Eccleston sticking around for a second season of HBO’s The Leftovers? Find out!

Finally, it’s the main event: Matt Smith has officially announced that he’s leaving Doctor Who at the end of the year. Is this way overdue or too premature? Who does Rudy think will succeed him? Why does this announcement make Liz feel like the Dowager Countess? The only way to learn is to listen.

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2 Responses on “Episode 75: Goodbye, Matt Smith, and other Doctor Who news!”

  1. Sally Ann Price says:

    I wish I got HBO, because I know Christopher Eccleston will be great in the Leftovers. I hope he does stay, but I know he has family in England.

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