Episode 72: Doctor Who‘s “Nightmare in Silver,” and Other News!

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Hey cats and kittens! Only ONE MORE EPISODE LEFT THIS SEASON! Of Doctor Who, that is. Timey Wimey TV, it would never abandon you (for more than one or two weeks at a time).

But before we get to Who, we catch up on some other stuff — like the upcoming Fox pilot Sleepy Hollow, which looks AMAZING…ly bad. (You better believe we’ll be watching it come fall.)

And it looks like the Richard Curtis film About Time is actually a real movie that will be in theaters! But don’t watch the U.S. trailer, because it has a massive plot spoiler in it! Watch the UK one!

Finally, it’s time for Doctor Who — first, we catch up on news about things like audiobooks and the accidental leak of the season finale! NOTE: The discussion gets very slightly spoiler-y, but it’s all theory based on one shot in the “next time on” segment and if you skip from timecode 19:20 to 23:00, you’ll avoid it.

Then, we take on “Nightmare in Silver”! How psyched were we to see Warwick Davis? What’s scarier, an army of Cybermen or one Cyber-Doctor? How annoying, exactly, were those kids? Find out what Rudy and Liz think, then also find out what you think!

Because we asked you for your thoughts, and we’d love to hear them again via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google Plus or via email and share your thoughts! (You could even comment on this very post, were you so inclined!) And as always, thanks for listening. We even threw in a big fat Archer reference this week! Because we love you.

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