Episode 69: Doctor Who‘s “Cold War”

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Hey, y’all! Fun episode! (Not as sexy as you might hope, given the episode number, but we can only do so much.)

Here is just a sampling of the news and links we dug into this week:

And then we dig into the latest new episode of Doctor Who, the Mark Gatiss-written “Cold War”! What did Rudy think of the return of the Ice Warriors? Did Liz enjoy the old-school submarine adventure? What does this episode have in commmon with the 2005 classic “Dalek”? Find out!

And also find out what our sexy, sexy listeners thought of the latest episode! Join them by sounding off in the comments, or Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google Plus or via email!

Thanks for listening! And a side note: Happy birthday, David Tennant! Looking good for 42.

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