Episode 68: Doctor Who‘s “The Rings of Akhaten”

podcast 10 April 2013 4 Comments



Aliens! Adventure! Singing children! A new and fun approach to our episode introductions! All this and more in today’s Timey Wimey TV!

First things first: Liz and Rudy dig into the news that Christopher Eccleston is officially not on board with Doctor Who‘s 50th Anniversary special, even if David Tennant is.

Then, it’s time to talk about the newest episode of Who, the name of which we’re not totally sure how to pronounce, but we enjoyed watching! Was the premise enough to sustain an hour of drama? What mysteries about Clara were resolved? Did Liz cobble together a Bitchy Feminist Moment of the Week? HELL YES.

The reason for that Bitchy Feminist Moment? AMAZING HUMAN BEING Jason H. made us a theme song! And you will get to hear it, as well as other amazing things, if you listen!

As always, we thrive on your thoughts, comments and/or AMAZING THEME SONGS: Check us out on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google Plus or via email! And thank you for listening! Seriously!

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4 Responses on “Episode 68: Doctor Who‘s “The Rings of Akhaten””

  1. Sally Ann Price says:

    Christopher Eccleston is my Dr. Who, but I can understand him.

  2. DangerShoes says:

    Love your show as always. Not sure why I’m so focused on the leaf, but did you notice it wasn’t the same one from the previous episode? They probably lost that one, I hope. Also, it’s in pretty good condition for being 20 some year old. Mind you I never pressed leaves in books, so not sure if that helps them.

    Was kinda disappointed when he mentions his grand-daughter. I thought the look on her face was a sign of further discussion about her.

    Did feel odd that the TARDIS didn’t translate for Clara like it did for all the other companions. Wonder if the date and maiden name of her mother will come into play later on.

  3. kit kendrick says:

    I think that it’s not that the song went wrong, but that it was a setup. They get an innocent who knows all the stories to sit out front and if the god starts to wake, there she is as a midnight snack to put him back under.

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