Episode 67: Doctor Who‘s “The Bells of St. John”!

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Welcome back, new episodes of Doctor Who! Oh, how we missed you.

Well, first Liz and Rudy have SERIOUS BUSINESS to discuss: Specifically, the confirmation that appearing in the 50th Anniversary Special alongside special guest star John Hurt will be none other than David Tennant and Billie Piper! Yay for that, right? Right! Though Liz might have some concerns. What would they be? Listen and learn!

Then we get to what we’ve waited months for — what essentially amounts to the season premiere of Who, featuring Jenna-Louise Coleman as new(ish) companion Clara! Did Liz and Rudy dig her chemistry with Matt Smith? Was the episode’s emphasis on character over plot welcome or disappointing? Were there enough references to the 1995 film Hackers? (There are never enough references to the 1995 film Hackers, is the answer to that last question.)

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