Episode 65: March Madness, Round 3!

podcast 23 March 2013 2 Comments



Hey there, sports fans! Today’s Timey Wimey TV continues our exploration of all things Doctor Who — from the new set of posters to the teaser trailer.

And then, after a quick discussion of the 2009 film Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel, which one of us has actually now seen, we’ve got the new round of Time Travel Device March Madness! Which devices advanced to the Final Four? You can see the bracket above, but to understand why we’ve got a real Cinderella story on our hands here, you’ll have to listen!

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2 Responses on “Episode 65: March Madness, Round 3!”

  1. Jason says:

    Rounding the home stretch, with Doctor Who coming back on the air this Saturday you will have plenty to talk about in the coming weeks!

    So here are my thoughts on the Third Round of your time device contest.

    Bracket 13 – Delorean vs. The Box

    I REALLY wish I had time to watch Primer. I just flat out don’t. Maybe the summer will be kinder with time constraints. So all I have to say about the Delorean I said in last week’s post. It’s a monster. It is stylish, it has good pseudo-science, it isn’t scary in the way the Box seems to be. And it works how it is intended to work. Does it breakdown? Yes. We do, after all, need obstacles in our drama. But overall it does exactly what it is intended to in arguably the most conceivable way possible. And you can bring people and pets with you!

    Brackey 14 – Chrono-Impairment vs. TARDIS

    It doesn’t seem fair that people like us are voting on this, does it? I mean … for practical reasons alone, the TARDIS wins. In can be practically controlled, it can carry an army if needs be, it can orbit a freakin’ black hole and defeat Satan!

    I really do like the Chrono-Impairment idea though. It’s so simple, yet elegant. Like the Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Someone who ages in reverse … impossible but interesting. Chrono-Impairment is probably even MORE impossible that something like the TARDIS actually. It is actually more conceivable that there is a floating bubble of space and time in the universe that can move between points and that the connection’s doorway is manifested in a blue Police Box than the likelihood that someone would have the genetic pre-disposition to hop through time and space.

    Again, it is an unfair fight because everyone who listens to your podcast (or MAKE your podcast) are de-facto TARDIS fans. Still … TARDIS.

    On to last week’s episode discussion: Idris Elba … besides being AWESOME and staring in and AWESOME show and staring in Mumford and Sons AWESOME video for “Lover of the Light”, he WOULD make a great Doctor! Do you also recall that the name of the TARDIS woman in “The Doctor’s Wife” was IDRIS?! I’m just saying that, besides being awesome himself, Neil Gaiman may also be clairvoyant!

    Rudy, do you or Casey remember the TVO show “Read All About It”? Where the kids started a newspaper after they found a teleporter in one of their uncle’s workshops and it would take them to a world ruled by Doneedon, who was a floating sliver head? THEY they leave the portal open by mistake, and he comes to earth and becomes mayor of their town! I’m assuming that Liz wouldn’t have seen it, since it was SO Canadian. In season two they go back to the War of 1812 and meet Laura Secord. But I digress …

    Have a great Whovian weekend! Enjoy “The Bells of Saint John”!


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