Episode 64: Getting Your Loved Ones to Love Doctor Who, and March Madness Continues

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Hey, guys! We tackle two big funtime topics in this week’s episode, because we are joined by SPECIAL GUESTS Andreanna and Mike, two newlyweds whose Dalek wedding cake toppers (made by Root of Flatland Games) are pictured here. But like many couples, one had to introduce Doctor Who to the other — which makes them uniquely qualified to debate the best way to bring new potential fans into the wonderful world of space and time.

And then of course, we also determine the ELITE EIGHT of our very exciting TIME TRAVEL DEVICE MARCH MADNESS! Listen to hear how we ended up with the below bracket, which was largely determined by your thoughts, but also our weird determination of what makes for a functional time travel device!

Click to Embiggen!

Click to Embiggen!

Next week, we drop down to the FINAL FOUR, and we need your help in order to figure out who should move on. So please, tell us what you think! We can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google Plus and email — and thanks so much for listening!

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