Episode 62: Doctor Who News Funtime Go!

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We’re not holding our breath in the lead-up to the return of Doctor Who — instead, we’re dealing with an epic level of news!

And not just stuff like the fact that Jon Pertwee, the 3rd Doctor, WAS TOTALLY A SPY DURING WORLD WAR II, but all the gossip leading up to the 50th Anniversary Special, including how long Jenna-Louise Coleman will be the Doctor’s companion and what we should expect from the the fall franchise!

Plus, there’s news regarding a certain classic bit of animation being adapted as a feature film, further ragging on Rudy about his lack of love for the Canadian series Continuum, and continued plans for our own take on March Madness: Time Travel Devices Edition! We’re currently debating the topic on Reddit, but just as soon as Liz and Rudy figure out how brackets work, the debate will be here on the podcast.

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