Episode 60: The Great Continuum Debate (Part 1)!

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Hey, all, fun episode for you this time! First up, we continue to spin the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary rumor mill, specifically the latest reports that Moffat’s written a script for all 11 Doctors. Might be hooey, but might be exciting! Someday, we might actually know for sure what’s really in store for us this fall!

Plus, they cast a few folk in Mark Gatiss’s docu-drama on the creation of the show, including Argus Filch from Harry Potter and Brian Cox. And Rudy read Doctor Who: A Big Hand For The Doctor, the first novella in this year’s series of ebooks devoted to past Doctors.

And we also caught this cool short film courtesy of listener Hubert — for a three-minute YouTube short, it’s pretty impressive work:

Then, SURPRISE TWIST! Liz and Rudy have a rare difference of opinion with regards to the very timey-wimey series Continuum, which premiered in Canada last year but just made its American debut on SyFy. Who thought the show was a fun update on classic 1990s Vancouver-shot sci-fi drama? Who was disappointed by its reliance on pastiche and tropes borrowed from cyberpunk and other genres? Have Liz and Rudy agreed to see where things go with it? Did Liz and Rudy also agree on how awesome Future Cop’s future-suit is? Listen and learn!

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