Episode 58: The Doctor Who 2012 Christmas Special “The Snowmen”

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Howdy, y’all! Welcome to 2013! And also a new podcast, in which Liz and Rudy finally get to discussing the latest Doctor Who adventure, “The Snowmen”!

That’s pretty much all that happens in this podcast — but did Liz and Rudy enjoy the adventure? What did they think about the re-introduction of Jenna-Louise Coleman? And most importantly — who won the bet over Clara’s origins? You will find out the answers to those questions, if you listen!

And let us know what you think — we’re on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, email and TUMBLR! So many wonderful social media-y things for you to use, and we can’t wait to hear from you. Thanks for listening, and hope your new year is going well!

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3 Responses on “Episode 58: The Doctor Who 2012 Christmas Special “The Snowmen””

  1. Nicholas says:

    Auntie Liz, Rudy, what does it mean when you say “down to pluck?” :p

    I think The Snowmen wasn’t as good as Christmas Carol, but way better than last year’s, which is the first Moffat episode I never enjoyed.

    You know what’s scary? Steven Moffat’s said that he considers Doctor Who a kids show. This man gave us Weeping Angels, the Silence, River Song’s innuendos, etc. For a kids show. Imagine if he was writing for adults….

    And Rory was Kenny. My theory is that Clara’s a cross between Hattori Hanzo or on an infinite reincarnation loop. The Romana thing isn’t the same; in-universe Romana chose her appearance based on a character they met in a previous adventure (also played by Ward). I’ve got an issue with the romance angle, if only because I like River and I wanted the Doctor to yell out “B-but I’m married!” or something like that. That and, like you said, the romance angle came very quickly. Even the Eight/Charley Pollard romance, like the Rose one, took a while to develop.

    On the Sherlock Holmes thing, we know the Doctor can do the whole analysis thing. We saw it in the Christmas carol. I think this was half self-parody on Moffat’s part, and the Doctor using the act and faking insight to distract Richard E. Grant (YAY, WITHNAIL!/SHALKA DOCTOR!) while he investigated the GI Snowglobe of Doom. Plus, if Vastra is Holmes, Watson comes from Jenny (close partner) AND Strax (military doctor).

    It’s basically been said that the Eighth Doctor turned into Nine because of the end of the Time War. We’ve just never seen the war, and Big Finish (which has McGann and I’m calling canon for now) has said they won’t definitely show it so that they can keep making stories with the Eighth Doctor. And that’s awesome. In the most recent story, Eight got a new outfit that foreshadows Nine, and we get a prelude to the Time War.

    And hey, the Doctor’s sacrificed his life for companions before. That’s how Five died, in order to save one person. I really need to stop classic Doctor Who wikipedia binges…

    And one last thought: I love the new TARDIS interior. It’s a great throwback to early Who.

  2. Migg says:

    I really enjoyed this episode and really love Clara. The trailer for the remaining season episodes look like a lot of fun, although I’m not holding my breath for the explanation of who or what Clara really is. Moffat has done a great job with intros and setups, but been very disappointing with payoffs.

  3. Fair points! #NeverForgetMelodyPond

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