Episode 56: Least Favorite Doctor Who Episodes

podcast 25 December 2012 2 Comments


Happy holidays! We’ve got a two-fer of episodes for you, because ’tis the season for hardcore time travel discussion! In this episode, an extremely congested Liz and Rudy discuss some of the latest Doctor Who rumors (oh my god it’s going to be so great once the BBC actually announces their plans for the 50th anniversary so we can stop speculating about it).

Then we go over our least-favorite episodes ever of Doctor Who, in preparation for our upcoming bet about the secret origins of the Doctor’s new companion Clara. How mad do Daleks in Manhattan make Liz? Can a great ending save the Master’s last hurrah for Rudy? And what episode did their lists have in common? It’s all here, ready for your ears!

What about your least favorite Who adventures? Tell us all about it! We’ve on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, email and also now TUMBLR! As always, thanks for listening.

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2 Responses on “Episode 56: Least Favorite Doctor Who Episodes”

  1. Migg says:

    I agree that disappointing episodes related to the larger arcs carry more weight than mediocre one-offs like Fear Her. So I’m totally with Liz about The Wedding of River Song being one of the worst. Unless something amazing happens later this season, that seemed an awful lot of complicated plot for no reason. For the same reason, I disliked The Big Bang. Amazing setup in The Pandorica Opens, with a prison nearly impossible to escape, and it was solved in two seconds by a Bootstrap Paradox. That seemed way too easy and convenient.

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