Episode 54: Time Traveler’s Wife, Timecop and X-Men News!

podcast 29 November 2012 0 Comments


Huge episode! Full of stuff! First off, Liz and Rudy go over all the latest Doctor Who developments, specifically the reveal of the Christmas special trailer, title and prequel minisode. Exciting!

Also exciting is some X-Men: Days of Future Past casting news! Plus a new project starring Daniel Radcliffe and Jon Hamm, and Rudy’s continued disappointment over the Star Trek/Doctor Who comic crossover.

Then, we get to the meat of today’s sandwich: Liz and Rudy catch up on time travel classics they’ve missed! Did Rudy think The Time Traveler’s Wife compared favorably to other time travel romances? How silly did Liz think Timecop was?

Oh, and what other time travel classics should Liz and Rudy make sure they’ve seen? And how excited are you for another Doctor Who Christmas? Tell us! We’ve on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and email — looking forward to hearing from you! And thanks for listening!

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