Episode 53: A Chat With Inspector Spacetime!

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We’re back, with a totally awesome episode filled with totally awesome things! You guys like hearing about upcoming movies and TV shows involving time travel? We got you covered! You like hearing Rudy explain to Liz how the Star Trek/Doctor Who comic book is going? That happens too!

And this is not awesome, but still — if you want to support the artist behind the Star Trek/Doctor Who comics, J.K. Woodward (who lost his home thanks to Hurricane Sandy) is selling art at his website. Go buy something!

Then, through the magic of technology, we’re joined by Travis Richey, Inspector Spacetime on Community and star/co-creator of the completely unrelated Untitled Web Series About A Space Traveler Who Can Also Travel Through Time.

And while there are a few audio hiccups, Travis is great! In our interview, he reveals when the idea for an Inspector web series began (hint: much earlier than you might guess), how he actively engaged with the fanbase to guide the creation of the Inspector Spacetime canon, and where things stand for Untitled Web Series… Season 2!

We loved talking to Travis, and hope you enjoy it as well! As always, you can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and email — let us know what you think! It will make us happy!

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