Episode 51: Doctor Who Round-Table Fun!

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To say goodbye to the Ponds and Season 7 (part one) of Doctor Who, Liz and Rudy did what they usually do at the conclusion of a Who run — bring together some special guests for a special round-table discussion!

This round-table… Well, we certainly had plenty to discuss. There’s no great way to sum up this round table discussion, except to say that there’s some cursing, at least 10 minutes of discussion devoted to Gilmore Girls and Supernatural, and two bottles of wine drained in the first half hour.

So please enjoy the discussion between Liz, Rudy, podcast virgin Beth, Lizzie Bennet Diaries and Airship Dracula writer Jay, Timey Wimey TV veteran Megan and late-to-the-party Barrett!

IMPORTANT NOTE! Because of Doctor Who going on hiatus and other personal life stuff, Timey Wimey TV is going on quasi-hiatus for a few weeks (with the exception of a very special episode devoted to Looper that we’ll have for you soon).

However, when we come roaring back in November, we’ll want to hear what you think about all this — so sound off using the usual methods: We’ve got Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and email!

Oh, and thanks so much for listening!

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