Episode 50: Doctor Who‘s “The Angels Take Manhattan”

podcast 4 October 2012 6 Comments


Farewell, Ponds. We hardly knew ye. After your comments on episodes past and a quick round-up of time travel news (including the latest issues of the Star Trek/Doctor Who comic and this question from iO9: What historical mysteries might be solved with time travel?), we get right to the last Doctor Who adventure to feature Amy and Rory Pond.

Did this compare to past Weeping Angel adventures? Did the final moments compare to past Who companion departures? Did Liz cry? Did Rudy cry? Find out!

Tell us what you think, using Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and email, and thanks as always for listening. And hooray for reaching 50 episodes! Couldn’t have done it without you guys.

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6 Responses on “Episode 50: Doctor Who‘s “The Angels Take Manhattan””

  1. Migg says:

    Nothing can top Bad Wolf Bay or the Doctor standing at the door in the rain asking for Wilf’s help, but this ending was solid. I had a hard time buying Amy’s comment that it had been ten years in the previous episode, but I liked that it was clear that they were older in this one with the reading glasses and I think the makeup even made her and Rory look older.

    I thought the statue of liberty was a bit ridiculous though. Either he’s the fastest moving angel ever, or he’s got the best timining in the universe. What happens if he got frozen half a block away? That would be awkward.

  2. Frank Carver says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed the podcast. Thanks again for the shout-out. So far I have not found any eggs in this episode, but just like Brian, I’m still looking ;)

    I found this a bit of an odd episode, though. I enjoyed the emotional journey, but after it finished I found myself thinking that it didn’t really seem to hold together.

    My first concern was (as you pointed out) that 1938 NY being off-limits says nothing about all the times and places in between. Likewise, a name on a gravestone is certainly not the same as seeing someone die. Let’s face it we all “saw” The Doctor die, and Rory _is_ the king of coming back to life.

    It would be lovely to think that after some time in the USA Rory and Amy made it over the sea to Leadworth in time to act as the “grandparents” of young Mel as she grew up, giving Amy back the child she never had. This also might explain why River has a more American accent than most of the Doctor Who team!

    I agree with Migg that the Statue of Liberty was good as a surprise gag, but made no sense as a weeping angel. Anything so big will hardly ever be out of sight of at least one person, and the “angel rules” would mean that it would have to stop as soon as anyone saw it. It would not have to move very much at all before becoming major news – people would not stop looking for weeks. This is not some small anonymous carving, it’s a global landmark!

    Finally, if this is the end of the fall season, I’m guessing the repeatedly-named “Winter Quay” is somehow the “key” to the winter season…

  3. Migg says:

    Totally agree with Frank about the time issue. Couldn’t they solve it by going back and planting the headstones themselves? Or, if there are actually bodies there, doesn’t that mean they can do whatever they want in the meantime, so long as that is their final resting place? I see what they were going for with the blocking off everything in between, but the more I think about it, the less it holds up.

  4. Frank Carver says:

    Talking of puzzles that can be solved by time travel, how about the “Antikythera mechanism” ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antikythera_mechanism ). I just read an article about how someone is planning a return visit to the shipwreck where it was found, and the following phrase really stuck out: “They left behind stories of abandoned treasures, including giant marble statues that rolled down the steep slope from the wreck and out of reach.”

    A cargo of angels got loose and zapped the crew?

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