Episode 49: Doctor Who‘s “The Power of Three”

podcast 24 September 2012 4 Comments


New episode! Small inanimate cubes! The penultimate Ponds episode! Good times all around.

This week, after marveling at the possibility of Peter Jackson perhaps directing an episode (after Matt Smith asked nice), and a long digression on whether or not Big Bang Theory is offensive to nerd culture, Liz and Rudy take on a more domestic Doctor Who adventure!

Did they enjoy the glimpses we got of life as a part-time companion of the Doctor? Did the plot hold together all the way through? Should this had been a two-parter — or the season premiere? Liz and Rudy not only debate these questions, but respond to your comments and questions! And finalize the terms of their Jenna-Louise Coleman bet! It’ll be fun.

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4 Responses on “Episode 49: Doctor Who‘s “The Power of Three””

  1. Frank Carver says:

    Another fun podcast, guys. Loved the discussion on Big Bang and Community. I have now watched the first season of Community and can see the attraction. It’s a very self-aware show which tries hard to subvert the usual tropes.

    I don’t watch Big Bang much any more, though. For me it jumped the shark when everyone paired off and it turned into just another clone of Friends.

  2. Jason A says:

    Great podcast! I have a 50/50 excitement/sadness knowing this was setting up the Ponds last episode. Also I saw Looper today, wow, awesome movie. A must see for time travel fans!!!

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