Episode 48: Doctor Who‘s “A Town Called Mercy”

podcast 17 September 2012 3 Comments


It is very very hot in Los Angeles right now! But we dared to turn off the air conditioning for an hour, because huzzah, new Doctor Who!

Well, first we’ve got a quick shout-out of congrats for Emmy-winning Jay Bushman! Then we go through your comments on “Dinosaurs on a Spaceship,” and also discuss The Untitled Web Series About a Space Traveler Who Can Also Travel Through Time!

But then we get to the Doctor’s latest adventure in the Old West! Were the stakes stake-y enough? How useless were Amy and Rory, exactly? How awesome was Ben Browder? I bet you can guess the answers to at least one of those questions, but you should listen anyway.

And then you should tell us what you think — we are on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and email, and are very thankful that you’ve put us in your earholes. Just two more weeks of Who left!

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3 Responses on “Episode 48: Doctor Who‘s “A Town Called Mercy””

  1. Adam Lipkin says:

    Listened this morning on my way in to work, and it reminded me to comment that I’ve been getting TWTV through iTunes since it began with no problems. I’m not sure why they seem to have delisted it (and I spent at least five minutes on my review, so I take that as a personal insult), but existing subscriptions at least work.

  2. Adam Lipkin says:

    As for the episode, I thought Amy’s comment about her friends noticing them aging was telling. It’s the first time we’ve had any indication of their lives outside of the Doctor mattering (and it also gives a sense that there have been a lot of these adventures, seeing as we’ve only seen a total of four days of adventures (one for each of the first two eps, and two for “Mercy”) taking place so far.

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