Episode 46: Doctor Who‘s “Asylum of the Daleks”!

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Doctor Who is back! Huzzah! And we’re back to weekly episodes, because Doctor Who is back!

In this episode, Liz and Rudy first catch up on the latest issues of the epic Star Trek: TNG/Doctor Who comic book crossover, which has taken some weird turns in issue 4. For the better or for the worse? That is a question we answer!

Then, it’s onto Pond Life, the five episode web series which teased excited Who fans with glimpses at what Amy and Rory have been doing prior to Season 7. One of us really liked it, and one of us didn’t! Try and guess which!

Finally, we’re onto “Asylum of the Daleks,” which introduced both the concept of Dalek zombies and new companion Jenna-Louise Coleman! Sorta. What did Liz and Rudy think of that twist and the episode in general? How does Amy stack up in their estimation of Who‘s previous companions? How many Bitchy Feminist Moments (TM) did Liz manage to fit into their discussion? (The answer to that last one might be 3.)

What did you think, though? Use Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or email to tell us! And thanks for listening! We will see you NEXT WEEK.

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4 Responses on “Episode 46: Doctor Who‘s “Asylum of the Daleks”!”

  1. DangerShoes says:

    I am very happy that the Doctor is back, and enjoyed the episode… But after much it settled into my brain, several things started to bug me.

    1) Last season ended with him having to lay low. This one opens up going to Skaro because this person was sending him a message. Only after a short time does he think it’s a trap? Skaro is Daleks homeworld and the universe should be thinking he is dead.

    2)Apparently in 2012 the Daleks have a parliment, prison and an asylum. They seem pretty powerful and organised.

    3) After the opening, Amy asks the Doctor what do they do, being in the middle of the parliment and all, and the Doctor says, “Make them remember you.” Basically meaning that is the ppower he has over them. Since they don’t know him now, they won’t pause in fear to let him ramble on while thinking of a plan.

    4) If the Daleks have the micro nano tech, they could easily conquer earth and the universe. I know there was Amy Rory soap to deal with, but to me that is a big threat.

    That’s all.. Sorry for the rant. May change my handle to DangerRantingShoes. OR DRS for short. lol

  2. Migg says:

    I watched the Pond Life after watching the episode and I think I liked it less as a result. To DangerShoes’ first point, I also thought the Doctor was supposed to be laying low, so the Pond Life episodes seemed completely out of sync with the rest of the story. Also, I went into them assuming that they were going to show Amy and Rory’s relationship starting to slowly deteriorate, but it turned out to be the complete opposite.

    As soon as Oswin was on the screen, I felt like a part of Doctor Who I had loved but forgotten about had returned – the clever, driven companion. Totally agree with the points Liz made about the other companions as compared to Amy. Really can’t wait to see Oswin return and crossing my fingers that her appearance in this episode isn’t solved with a quick, convenient paradox.

  3. Groonk says:

    Hmm.So has no one considered that one reason Moffat introduced Daleks in human suits is so he could have Oswin become a human-Dalek companion? They did say they could access the memories of the human whenever they wanted.

    It wouldn’t be the first time. In the web flash adventure series of the 8th Doctor he had an android companion that looked and acted like The Master. Everything but the evil bits.


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