Episode 43: Doctor Who at Comic-Con, Netflix Time Travel Roulette

podcast 26 July 2012 2 Comments


Another exciting episode for you! First, Liz and Rudy catch up on the Doctor Who news they missed by not being at Comic-Con, including episode titles! And no airdate! Alas.

Then, it’s time to delve into what’s going on with IDW’s epically fannish Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who crossover comic! Did a 4th Doctor cameo amp up the action? Only Rudy knows!

Plus, Liz bought a t-shirt. She LOVES it — nerd girls, pay attention to what’s up at Her Universe. And there’s a cool poster you might consider as well.

Then, we get down to business, and admit the results of our Netflix Time Travel Roulette experiment, facing off against some of the strangest time travel movies to be found in the bowels of Netflix’s catalog. Rudy’s assignment? The romantic comedy My Future Boyfriend. Liz’s? Timestalkers, which declares “IT’S WAY PAST TIME — TO KILL THE FUTURE.”

Who had it worse — Liz or Rudy? And what should we check out for the next Netflix Time Travel Roulette? Tell us, using Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or email! And thanks for listening!

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2 Responses on “Episode 43: Doctor Who at Comic-Con, Netflix Time Travel Roulette”

  1. Migg says:

    Woohoo, I got a mention! And I’m a he :). I can’t think of any bad Netflix time travel movies, but Timecrimes is definitely one that’s worth watching. Also, the director’s follow up, Extraterrestial, isn’t time travel, but is a cool concept that looks good.

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