Episode 42: Life On Mars Season 2, and Comics!

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A new episode! Hot damn! And just in time for your commute to San Diego (if you’re going to Comic-Con) or your sitting-at-home-not-going-to-Comic-Con relaxation time.

Liz and Rudy are in the latter camp, which just leaves them more time to do things like read the latest installment in IDW’s epic Star Trek: TNG/Doctor Who crossover, as well as Alan Moore’s time travel-inclusive League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: 2009. There’s also some guilt-tripping about how if you want to support the great talents behind great comics, you might consider donating to The Hero Initiative. You’ll feel good about yourself if you do.

Plus, we talk science, read the Steven Moffat Tweet of the (last three) Weeks, and dig into season 2 of Life on Mars! Is Rudy ready to admit that the UK version of the time-travelling-cop procedural is far superior to the US version? How much better is the series finale, when compared to the US version? How exactly does the spin-off/sequel series Ashes to Ashes improve on the original? Listening is the way to learn! And how hot is Gene Hunt? (So hot.)

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