Episode 41: Safety Not Guaranteed, Bruce Willis, David Tennant!

podcast 25 June 2012 6 Comments


A new episode, can you believe it? I bet you can’t! And this time, we check out a whole bunch of stuff, including the upcoming timey-wimey rom-com by a pro at both the timey-wimey and rom-com genres, David Tennant’s upcoming projects, the most important bathrobe you’ll ever own, and the most important website you’ll ever visit.

Plus we dig into Safety Not Guaranteed, the most adorable indie romantic comedy about time travel out in theaters now! You should go see it! And then listen to us discuss it! It’ll work out really well for you.

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6 Responses on “Episode 41: Safety Not Guaranteed, Bruce Willis, David Tennant!”

  1. Jason A says:

    Great podcast!! Did u two get to see the new Looper trailer? It looks great. Fingers cross!

  2. Jason A says:

    Yeah understandable,I’ve always been into spoilers for my favorite tv shows and movies. The trailer is spoilerish and does give away certain plot elements. In order to describe the movie and to get a general movie audience to the movie.

  3. Migg says:

    The Vincent and the Doctor episode is one of my favorite 11th Doctor episodes. The only reason I haven’t watched it again is so that nobody notices me getting all teary eyed at the end.

    I agree with you guys about the ending of Safety Not Guaranteed. To me, it seems like the fact that Belinda was alive, coupled with nothing being in the container in the box implies they were successful. But it would’ve been nice if they used one of the various elements they set up as a clearer sign as to whether it worked or didn’t.

    • It’s also interesting to note that they had a few different potential endings for SNG — which might have been why they hesitated to commit earlier in the film?

      Thank you for listening and commenting!

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