Episode 38: Fringe, David Tennant, and Important Time Travel Questions!

podcast 9 May 2012 0 Comments


This week’s episode takes on a number of subjects — Fringe getting renewed for one last season, David Tennant being considered for the next Fast and the Furious movie, yet more footage from Men In Black 3 and a funny story about a lawyer who says he’s a time traveler.

But it’s best summed up by the following two questions:

1) Does Captain America’s story count as time travel?
2) If you had access to a time machine, who would you travel in time to bang?

We’ll be taking on these questions in full with an exciting panel of special guests in our Google+ Hangout! Which is DEFINITELY HAPPENING May 16th, 9 PM EST/6 PM PST. You should add us on Google Plus, because this is gonna get interactive!

In the meantime, you can also support us this weekend — we’re lacing up our sneaks and going outside for once, to run the Revlon Run/Walk 5K this Saturday! Donate here, and thanks in advance!

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