Episode 37: Timey Wimey TV Turns 1!

podcast 26 April 2012 0 Comments


It’s a very special episode, guys! Lucky episode 37! Most importantly, it’s the one-year anniversary of us doing this humble podcast!

So not only do we discuss:

But we look back over the last year and pick out our favorite timey wimey moments! We maybe even also travel back in time! Wait, really? Really!

And there’s a big announcement: We’re going to do a Google+ hangout! That will be fun! Prepare to fire up your computer boxes next Monday, April 30th, at 9 PM ET/6 PM PT to a) see what Liz and Rudy look like and b) interact live with them and some SPECIAL GUESTS. UPDATE: We’re rescheduling to next week — stay tuned for details!

In the meantime, thank you so much for listening over the last year! Seriously, thank you so much for doing that! As always, please comment here or on Facebook, Twitter or email!

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