Episode 36: Farscape, Doctor Who and the movies!

podcast 12 April 2012 1 Comment


Hey, a new episode! Not only are we joined by awesome filmmaker Matt Campagna, but we discuss awesome things! Such as:

Movie trailers for movies that look good:

And maybe not so good:

And maybe EWWWWWW…

Plus, we react to another batch of Doctor Who rumors and news… and that’s just the appetizer!

Your main course: A look back at Farscape, which had way more fun with time travel and alternate realities than you could ever possibly imagine. If you never watched this groundbreaking, slightly insane series, maybe check it out?

But only after you finish listening! Thank you so much for doing that! As always, please comment here or on Facebook, Twitter or email!

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One Response on “Episode 36: Farscape, Doctor Who and the movies!”

  1. Jason A says:

    Really enjoy the podcast. Farscape was a great show and I really like the Kansas episode but my all-time favorite was the Don Quixote episode.

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