Episode 35: Doctor Who‘s New Girl

podcast 28 March 2012 4 Comments


Timey Wimey TV is BACK, with all the hot time travel news you’ve been talking about in our absence!

First off, we look at the upcoming independent film Sound of My Voice, which takes your standard investigative-journalist-couple-gets-in-over-their-heads-while-investigating-cult story and adds a timey-wimey twist (or does it? We don’t know!).

Then, we look over the current state of time travel television, which sparks debate over Alcatraz, Inspector Spacetime and who should be allowed to use time machines (because the CW’s answer is apparently documentary filmmakers).

And Rudy has some comic books to recommend! Specifically, the collected works of Jonathan Hickman, who prior to becoming a big-name writer for Marvel produced some truly intriguing timey-wimey stories, available on Amazonand Comixology.

Plus, of course, Doctor Who laid out a bunch of announcements about season 7, including a new companion (whose name we totally can’t remember but it’s Jenna Louise Coleman). Does going young, white and female represent a return to classic Who fun, or a failed opportunity? Liz and Rudy have their thoughts, and welcome you to share yours!

We also want to know what you’d like us to tackle for the next episode — which is why we’ve created a happy little poll!

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4 Responses on “Episode 35: Doctor Who‘s New Girl”

  1. DangerShoes says:

    Curious if you two ever seen the movie Timeline? I was happy to see the trailer for Doc Who. … … But! For a doctor who is supposed to be in the shadows and hiding from some group of people, why would you contact your previous companions and continue to have adventures with them? One would think the group would know how the Doctor works and keep tabs on his companions… Though I think on things too much sometimes.

  2. DangerShoes says:

    Okay, second comment. I should have waited til the podcast is over before commenting. Anyways, just had this thought. Seeing how the new companion is showing up late in the season, what if she is the new incarnation of the Doctor? Maybe they just decided to take the chance. I’m done. Maybe :)

  3. DangerShoes says:

    Bah! I’ve been away for so long, come back and I end up breaking the comments feature on this post… No one else had any thoughts? :(

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