Episode 34: Life on Mars and the Latest Time Travel News!

podcast 8 March 2012 0 Comments


Boy howdy, another fun episode for you! First, we catch up on a month’s worth of time travel gossip, including:

The copyright adventures of Inspector Spacetime! (AKA “A space traveler who can also travel through time.”)

Touchback, a movie about football and time travel!

B to the F, an awesome new blog by the creator of Dinosaur Comics!

Fringe! (A little bit.)

Alcatraz! (Not at all.)

Then we talk about the first seasons of Life on Mars, both the (amazing) UK version and the (eh) US version. What problems did Liz have with the storytelling? Why did Rudy like the US version so much? Are they in a coma, going mad, or traveling back through time? YOU WILL LEARN.

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