Episode 31: Oh, Alcatraz

podcast 19 January 2012 1 Comment


Oh boy, guys, have we got a show for you! Normally, we say that when an episode of Timey Wimey TV is quite an episode, it’s because we tackle a number of subjects. Not so in this case!

After a brief discussion of Doctor Who news (no full season in 2012? LAME!), Liz and Rudy team up to watch the newest mystery series produced by J.J. Abrams, the extremely timey-wimey Alcatraz, which premiered this week on Fox.

Is Alcatraz worth your time? Maybe not! But will you enjoy listening to us critique it? Most likely! Will we continue to watch? Maybe? That’s just one of the secrets you can look forward to discovering!

Did you watch Alcatraz? Do you agree with our thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments, or Twitter, Facebook and email! And thanks so much for listening.

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One Response on “Episode 31: Oh, Alcatraz…”

  1. groonk says:

    Alcatraz sounds like something I’m best without in my life. Looking back on JJ Abrams resume I’ve come to the conclusion that he’s disingenuous about his scifi nerdiness. This isn’t exactly a bad thing if he can pull it off. All I can say is, the new STAR TREK movie doesn’t hold up to repeat viewings.

    Moffat mystery box > the Abrams tease. Sooner or later, Mr Abrams, you have to kiss…or whatever else you’re into.

    Fringe became the show I wanted to make ever since I was 12 years old. Crossing dimensions and such. I may have mentioned this before but “White Tulip” is a pretty tight Fringe time travel episode. http://episodes.fringetelevision.com/2010/04/fringe-episode-217-white-tulip.html

    I completely understand Rudy’s boycott of Marvel. Does old Marvel stories count in this? Days of Future Past is *the* time travel X-Men story that all other stories tend to reference. Not bad for a short series created in the 1980s. I’ll have to think a minute to figure out other non-Dr Who time travel comics.

    As always, I enjoyed the show!

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