Episode 26: Quantum Leap, Terra Nova, Stephen King and More!

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Hey, friends! We’ve got a fun episode, full of time travel fun, for you today. First off, we discuss the timey wimey news of the day, including the upcoming Doctor Who Christmas special — which may or may not include Amy and Rory? There’s a bunch of speculation on our part.

And we also make plans to read Stephen King’s new book 11/22/63: A Novel, because reading is fundamental and King’s take on time travel could be very interesting.

Plus it’s the continuation of our ever-popular segment, Liz Nags Rudy About Terra Nova! Rudy isn’t watching this show! Liz still is! Has it improved? Has the number of people being eaten by dinosaurs increased? Are those things related? The answer is yes!

Then finally, due to popular demand, we discuss the extremely popular Quantum Leap, which ran for five seasons on NBC and was extremely formative for one young Rudy Jahchan. When looked at with modern eyes, though, how does it hold up? We will tell you!

As always, we welcome your thoughts via Twitter, Facebook, email or the comments right here on this post! And thanks so much for listening.

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