Episode 25: Romance, Time Travel and Moms

podcast 26 October 2011 3 Comments


Hey, so remember that time when Liz’s mom got mad at us because we made fun of “City on the Edge of Forever”? Well, we promised you a follow-up and for once we delivered!

In this VERY special episode of Timey Wimey TV, we invited romance author and supplier of genetic material Janet Miller to discuss her favorite time travel shows and films, from past classics to recent favorites.

Well, that was the original idea, anyway. What ACTUALLY ends up happening is Liz and Rudy and Janet discussing how romance works as both a genre and a storytelling element in science fiction. It was a fun conversation! Hopefully you’ll enjoy it.

But what about next week, you ask? Now that Doctor Who and Torchwood are over, what shall we discuss? Well, we’re turning that question right back around on YOU! With a POLL!

You can also tell us things via Twitter, Facebook, email or the comments right here on this post! And thanks, as always, for listening.

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3 Responses on “Episode 25: Romance, Time Travel and Moms”

  1. groonk says:

    1) Liz’s mom, you are awesome!

    2) Liz, i laughed my head off at that scene in the remake TIME MACHINE, too. My second favorite part of that movie was Orlando Jones performance. He did a lot with so little. The rest of the flick was meh.

    On a similiar note, have you ever watched SUPERNAURAL’s episode “Mystery Spot”?

    It’s go a Groundhog Day plot wherein Dean is killed, a lot. It’s intentionally humorous in the middle but goes completely dark by the end of that sequence. I recommend watching the episode.

    3) Favorite romance time travel movie? SOMEWHERE IN TIME is all I can think of. Though it may not qualify as a romance movie. Watch it to find out why. I saw THE LAKE HOUSE and liked it up until the very end. There was no way it should have ended like that.

    4) If you’re not averse to anime I highly recommend THE GIRL WHO LEPT THROUGH TIME

    It could qualify as a romance time travel movie, too.

    5) That’s all I got.

    • These are great recs, sir! We read this comment in this week’s episode! And also mention Blast Shields Down!

      • groonk says:

        Wooo! Thanks for the shout out!

        re:Supernatural. I swear I read somewhere that every time the show added another character or tried to hook the boys up with some girl, the fans would not stop hating on her. Which sucks for Padelecki and Ackles I guess cause they’re in damn near every scene of an episode. So now they intro a new character and eventually kill them off horribly. Also, I think each Winchester has died twice.

        You’d think some of the new travelers would be worthy of walking the Earth fighting demons and such off screen.

        re:Quantum Leap. That show was my jam in my late teen years. And now I must re-watch bits of it.

        Another sci-fi series that flirted with time travel: Farscape(which is on Netflix). The two eps that stand out there: season 1 “Back and Back and Back to the Future” and season 3 “…Different Destinations”.

        Until next show…

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