Episode 24: Doctor Who Season 6 Round-Table

podcast 12 October 2011 2 Comments


You might have THOUGHT Doctor Who was done for the year, but you would be wrong! For one thing, there’s going to be a Christmas special. And for another, Timey Wimey TV hasn’t done an end-of-season round-table episode!

We brought back our fabulous Who-vian guests from our first round-tableJay, Juan and Megan — and added the lovely Casey McKinnon to the panel!

Topics discussed include our favorite and least favorite episodes of the season, what writers we’d like to see take on Doctor Who and the even-longer-running British time travel series Inspector Spacetime. There is also a rousing game of marry-boff-kill! And some profanity. Sorry about that.

It’s a long one — we just BARELY managed to fit in your Tweets and comments! But we’d love to hear what you guys think of the topics discussed, so please share your thoughts via Twitter, Facebook, email or right here in the comments! As always, thanks for subscribing and listening.

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2 Responses on “Episode 24: Doctor Who Season 6 Round-Table”

  1. Groonk says:

    Requests more feminist deconstruction of Doctor Who characters. But I also request to expand that to include the awesome Martha Jones, the sassy Donna Noble, and the useless Rose Tyler.

    And please, a short vacation for Inspector Spacetime. One fictional universe that actually exists in this universe is enough for this demanding listener of free entertainment.

    heh :)

    Question: if Jay finds watching Doctor Who such a chore, then why is he watching Doctor Who?

    • A bitchy feminist deconstruction hour could be a lot of fun! For me, anyway. Rudy might need convincing.

      I think Jay mentions in the podcast that he’s definitely downgrading his viewing in the future. Which is totally his right.

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